About Us

Arriola Bible Church is an independent Bible church. We use the title Bible because it represents the standard by which we practice our faith and our day to day living. We hold the Bible to be absolute truth in its every word, and our final and only guide for our faith and practice.

Arriola Bible Church began in 1965 and today consists of a wide variety of people who are one family, brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ. We do not belong to any denomination of churches because we want our ministry and message to be solely on the Bible and the message of salvation and Good News for living. We desire to: “Share Life from God’s Word”.

As a Bible church, we are independent, fundamental and family centered. We have a Sunday School department that offers classes to all ages. Our teaching is from God’s Word; therefore it is true and useful.

Our AWANA group is for age 3 through 12th grade. Our Youth Group; LIGHT Ministries is for 7th through 12th grade.

Our adult groups, Sunday School, women’s studies, men’s fellowship, couples Bible studies, young couple’s studies and activities are places where one can come and learn, grow and feel welcomed.

As a family of believers, we seek to honor God as we grow in our love for Him and one another. We worship together, encourage one another, and study the Bible to see how we might live and draw others into the Love of God.

With Jesus as our leader and the Bible as our guide, we feel the future is bright and full of great things. We hope that you will want to come along and join our journey.

To all who mourn and need comfort – to all who are tired and need rest – to all who are friendless and want friendship – to all who are lonely and want companionship – to all who are homeless and want sheltering love – to all who pray and to all who do not, but ought – to all who need a Savior, and to “whosoever will” – this church opens wide its doors, and in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord, says: